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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Computer Learning

I grew up with computers before most anyone else had one... back in the 80s and 90s... so I'm used to growing up with a plethora of really terrible educational kids games. At least, as a kid I thought they were terrible.

So I always had something of a negative opinion of children's computer games... even though my son has been playing and learning so much with games on my tablet that he just wasn't learning from me, and even though I saw how much kids loved the AWE brand computers at the library (even though they were full of the games I thought were crap as a kid) my heart still had a very negative view of PC games. Meaning, every time I  saw a commercial for my brain would just switch off, boxing ABCmouse into the lands of crap children's PC stuff.

But, when my daycare sent a letter home with a code for ABCmouse and knowing they were using it at the daycare I decided to log in... just to check his progress...

Well, once I realized there was a decent mouse use tutorial in there.... one thing led to another... and now my 3 year old who just couldn't "get" the mouse because he is so used to touch screens he thinks everything works by touch screen is now clicking around and playing games all over the ABC mouse website in under an hour!

My opinion, it is changed. I am in awe.

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