The mission

The purpose of this blog is to report on my experiences with various parenting-related issues. Reviews of advice, crafts, and whatever else comes my way. (Originally this was meant to be a Glass Explorer project, but I was unable to procure funding... in case you're wondering about the title. Pending retail release..................)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Self-Induced Childhood Letdown

When I was a little kid, my Grandma watched me a lot. And I used to watch her writing stories for romance magazines and the like.

So I was inspired to write as well. Lots and lots of short stories, like one about a princess who gets kidnapped by a dinosaur and is rescued by a nice dragon. They started out a paragraph or two long and eventually reached a few pages in length as I got older.

Eventually I wanted to submit my stories for publication but I only wanted to submit to adult level magazines. My grandma kept trying to make me understand without insulting me why that was a bad idea but I never listened.

I finally gave up writing in my very early tweens when I received a personal rejection letter from Marion Zimmer-Bradley. Since I was a young kid, and my Grandma didn't read science fiction I never knew until much later the awesome I had in my hands was. At the time I became enraged, cried, threw out the (nice) letter and pretty much gave up writing until high school, where I dabbled a little with fanfiction, the TSA-ML, and shared stories. But I never wrote much (except for a blog, to share my experiences in Japan), and never tried to get published again until recently, but my love of writing just isn't as it was when I was a kid. I feel like I lost something.

So, long story short... as a parent or caregiver what would you do to prevent discouragement from unrealistic goals?


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Get messy

I know it is inconvenient. Time consuming. Tiring. It can also cause panic.

But sometimes you just gotta let them get messy, play with paints and doughs and mushy things. I find Crayola is very washable. But if you're scared, set up in a special room like the bathroom and lock yourself in with the tot. Keep some rags handy for wiping the child dry, and have fun too!


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Don't be afraid

I have found that it is really easy to get into a habit of treating your child the same even though they are growing older and more capable.

When was the first time you realized you could leave your child unsupervised for 15 minutes while you take a shower?

When was the first time you let them help you prepare food?